We're surrounded by stars; but some are more special to us than others. This latest series explores each characteristic of the Zodiacs while tying in an iconic Northern Ireland landmark.



We're surrounded by stars; but some are more special to us than others.


As a child my Pop would lay out on the porch & we would watch the stars. Scanning the milky way for The Southern Cross, The 7 Sisters, The Saucepan. Wishing upon shooting stars, differentiating the sparkle for a star & a glow for a planet.


Intrigued but still skeptical on how each 30° of celestial longitudes create the 12 constellations. How these constellations depict certain characteristics, traits and habits whether a strength or weakness. Grouped into four elements, Fire, Earth, Air & Water.


So while the Zodiac may not be a great predictor of love, fortune or health. Its a great tool for better understanding our true characteristics.


So with painting this original mural artwork in Belfast, I then became fascinated with aligning these characteristics with iconic spots in Northern Ireland. Can you find them all?

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(Mar 21- Apr 19)

The Ram

Botanic Gardens


Tell an Aries they can’t and they will look at you and confidently say watch me. Like a ram they are aggressive, passionate & unstoppable with the ability to climb to high places. Optimism grows from them like blooming gardens They desire a simple unadorned honestly, whether its pretty or not. Moody? Well if you think karmas a bitch wait until you piss off an Aries. 

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A Taurus can smell your shit from a mile away. Like a bull they can be uncompromising and stubborn.  But you cannot fool a Taurus, they are practical and a loyal herd. Known for being responsible and reliable, but carrying so many emotions. Perhaps some Taurus wish they had more middle fingers.


(Apr 20- May 20)

The Bull

Kings Hall


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Perhaps the bi-polar of them all, yet so adaptable. The Twins are like sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. With as many sides to them the Rise from within; they are gentle but nervous, affectionate yet inconsistent. Their indecisive personality stemmed from seeing both side of everything. Which side will you get?


(May 21- Jun 20)

The Twins

Rise Sculpture

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Cancer are not the type to walk away from something. Similar to the crab they are moody, a little snappy and tenacious. Their highly imaginative minds build ships of dreams. They are persuasive yet so sympathetic. But like the Titanic the insecure cancers trust takes years to build yet seconds to break.


(Jun 21- Jul 22)

The Crab


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Cat got your tongue? Perhaps its the passionate Leo. They will roar like a self-centred lion but remain warm-hearted and humorous. The Leo is like an inferno that takes over everything In their path yet when the dust settles they can be so generous & creative.


(Jul 23- Aug 22)

The Lion

The Bank Buildings

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The natural analytical skeptics of them all, The Virgo.

A pure, kind and hardworking maiden. Practically finding safety in numbers, creating a murmuration. They are critical, but shy with the highest standards.


(Aug 23- Sep 22)

The Maiden


Queens Bridge

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The most diplomatic of the bunch, The Libra. They have the rare faculty of looking on both sides of whatever questions present them. They strike the gavel of the courthouse, fighting to keep a balance between the heart and the head. Warriors mentality, poets soul.


(Sep 23- Oct 22)

The Scales

Crumlin Rd Courthouse

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The Scorpio, who loves hard but fights harder. They will bend over backwards and fold themselves in half to help someone. The true friend. But it takes trust for them to cross any bridges that may come their way.


(Oct 23- Nov 21)

The Scorpion

Carrick A Rede

Rope Bridge

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The Sagittarius are generous, but perhaps promise more than they can deliver. Like a bow & arrow; when life pulls them back, they soar. They are seekers of the higher level of knowledge always taking Giant Steps to intelligence. Despite impatience, the Sagittarius are the nothing but free spirits.


(Nov 22- Dec 21)

The Archer

Giants Causeway

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Oh Capricorn, so observing they can spot your BS from a mile away. Able to build a castle from their discipline and self control. They expect the worst but are responsible, perhaps they are the G.O.A.T 


(Dec 22- Jan 19)

Mountain Sea Goat

Dunluce Castle

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Aquarians are progressively infatuated with worlds they can never belong to. They carry their emotions around and pour it to the world to give life. Time spent with these independent aquarians is worth every second.


(Jan 20- Feb 18)

The Water Bearer

Albert Clock Tower

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The pisces are a compassionate yet overly trusting bunch. They are creative and fearful swimming in their own direction. Will a kiss from the fish be good luck, will they be a catch? 


(Feb 19- Mar 20)

The Fish

The Big Fish