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Art Club- 'You’re Not Alone’


The days have become shorter, colder and it feels like our lives of ‘normality’ have been put on pause for so long. I can speak for many when i say i miss my loved ones but also feel socially introverted. One day blends into another and its hard to have the motivation to keep active and healthy both physically and mentally. We bump elbows, cover our smiles with masks and confine ourselves to the 4 walls of our homes. It’s no wonder we all just feel a little deflated right now.

But you are not alone.

I challenge you to do three things;

  1. Compliment a stranger- A few kind words can brighten someones day.

  2. Message a friend and ask them “How are you going today?”- It’s always nice to be thought of

  3. FaceTime or where possible organise a catchup with a loved one- Make time for the people who add value to your life. We are so lucky to live in a time where technology can connect each other.

If you are in mental health or emotional crisis there are many free, 24/7 and confidential helplines in your local area.

In Ireland - text HELLO to 50808

In UK- text SHOUT to 85258

In Australia- call lifeline on 131114


Want to get colouring? Download this file and print in on A4 paper. You will need to Unzip this file first on an app or laptop before opening.

You’re not alone -Danni Simpson Art
Download PDF • 2.54MB


Have you got your iPad ready? Download this file and import it into Procreate. This file has a transparent background so he sure to create a new layer and move it below the black outlines layer.

You’re not alone -danni Simpson art
Download ZIP • 4.51MB

Don't forget to share your creations on social media by tagging me @dannisimpsonart.

Happy Colouring, Danni x

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