Water Walls Project

March 2, 2018

The Water Walls project was one of The Gold Coast City Council's largest urban art project. Taking nine artists from around Australia to transform existing infrastructure  into something that is alluring and attractive and reflects the unique character of the City and its people.

With nine sites being a mix of water infrastructure like reservoirs and sewerage pump station buildings having artworks applied either on route or adjacent to GC2018 venues.


Targeting graffiti hotspots as urban art renewal projects is a tactic many urban Councils are using to improve the amenity of cities and deter graffiti and vandalism. This project sees works completed at a large scale. 

My site was at Keith Hunt Park in Labrador, located next to the Commonwealth Games Hockey Stadium. Two buildings covering over 250sqm to transform with a rough textured surface that would require aerosol. My normal medium is Aryclic Paint Pens, so this required me to apply my artwork to a new medium. 

As an artist, I wanted to create an artwork that evokes my creative flair for patterns and illustration line work. To bring beauty, joy and inspiration to the Gold Coast community with the use of native flora and fauna species. The Labrador site features the Black Cockatoo, Koala, Green Thighed Frog, Sugar Glider, Southern Rainforest Dragon and Carpet Python. Colourfully decorated with native botanicals like eucalyptus to paint a story of the original surroundings for the area with the contemporary use of my unique artistic style. 

Each artwork uses patterns, dots, lines and hatching work to create the illustration of the animals and additional features.

 Special thanks to the following people and businesses.

Building- Gold Coast Scaffolding

Paint- Ironlak Art & Supplies

Photography- Callie Marshell

Agency- Creative Road

Assistant- Ben Punch










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