Let me introduce myself, My name is Danni a 26 year old female commercial and street artist from Australia.

Im pretty new to the art scene, picking up a pen only two years ago and completing my first mural a year ago. However my natural passion and talent for art has allowed me to complete a large number of projects and travel the globe to paint the world.


In February 2018 I was selected as one of 9 Artists in Australia to complete my very own 250SQM mural covering two buildings as an urban art project for the Commonwealth Games. Along with my designs covering 18 Electrical Units commissioned by the Gold Coast City Council. 

Working with some iconic cafes, bars and restaurants  to create eye catching features and often ‘Insta-worthy’ within their establishments.

Recently I have travelled to the UK and Europe (currently in The Netherlands) to complete murals within the iconic Cathedral Quarter of Belfast as part of a urban regeneration project. While stopping into England to give one of Gloucester oldest restaurant a complete new look. 

Along with many exciting art appearances at shows, exhibits and jams to help inspire and share my passion throughout my travels.


My artistic style is based on pattern & illustrations on a range of different surfaces and mediums.

I like to think i am quite adaptable. Ranging from fine work on smaller canvases using paint pens to large scale murals using paint pens, acrylic paint or aerosol.  Creating work that is engaging for a well rounded audience focusing on flora, fauna and typography.



Since a young age I have always been intrigued by everything creative. Sinking my teeth into makeup artistry and graphic design it wasn’t until 2016 where art & drawing really changed my life.  

I never really seen myself as an ‘artist’ and in fact I didn’t even know how to draw. At 24 I found myself in a very dark time of my life, a massive change in my life made me feel as though I had failed and realised that I actually didn’t have my own identity. Suffering from crippling anxiety I started drawing as a way to switch my mind off, focusing on mandalas as the simple line work was so therapeutic for me. Trying not to be a recluse I started to sit at Burleigh Headland during the golden hours of the day to submerge myself into a better atmosphere and be around people while drawing. The thing I never imagined was that strangers began to approach me, question and compliment my work. They would sit with me and be inspired and I would watch as they started coming up with ideas on creative things they wanted to do. So i decided to so a market, I spent weeks creating stock for this market only to sell nothing. I was discouraged and stopped drawing all together. Then a few weeks later I was having a coffee at Burleigh and someone approached me and said "Hey where is your canvas I came to watch you draw". It was that moment I realised that it didnt matter if I sold artwork, if any one liked it. What matter's is that i enjoy it and I had the power to inspire other people. To make them feel something, which is way more powerful than what money can buy. So I started to draw again, I put a fair price on my work. Something that covered by time and material and if someone appreciated it and purchased then bonus. If not I was just doing what I loved anyway. 

A few months later I did another market, not as a stall but just as live art for people to watch. That was where i made my first ever sale. You see when you do something you love, something that you are passionate about and that money cant buy- it will be recognised.

After this one thing lead to another and next thing you know I was painting my first wall mural. Im not there yet, Im learning new things everyday, pushing myself out of my comfort zone because the journey is more exciting than the destination.

Danni x