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People always ask me how I started drawing
This moment
_I drew this_ #lion #art #tootiredtothinkofacaption ._._._📸_ov.collective


Danni Simpson is an Australian Artist who specialises in Commercial murals and Illustrations. Her natural passion and talent for art has allowed her to complete a large number of projects and travel the globe to paint the world. Over the years she has showcased her art in cities all over the globe, including a huge project for the 2018 Commonwealth Games held on the Gold Coast, Australia. Danni has worked her way throughout Europe designing numerous murals for cafes, bars and restaurants. As well as murals, Danni has worked alongside top high street labels creating their digital illustrations and designs. Danni's success has led to many different collaborations with well-known brands such as Jameson, Powers Whiskey and Jetts Fitness. 


Her style is an urban fusion of detailed floral illustrations where wildlife clashes with architecture and typography, sprinkled through with dashes of art deco and mandala patterns. Beyond her work commercially, Danni has been invited to appear at a number of events across the UK and Ireland such as Electric Picnic, Upfest Street Art Festival and Hit The North.

Danni continues to travel the world leaving her mark wherever she goes and hopes to ignite a creative spark in everyone who sees her art.

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