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Fitzsimons temple bar


Nestled in the cobbled streets of Dublin lies Ireland's latest Rooftop Beer Garden Mural for you to discover.

lemonade menna banner.jpg

There is nothing like a rooftop pint in the Irish summer so creating this mural with the help of Mack Signs for Fitzsimons Rooftop Bar in the heart of Dublin was an exciting commission. I designed this mural to wrap around surfaces and create an eye catching, photo friendly artwork. Using Montana Aerosol Cans for the colour and Acrylic Paint by brush or paint pen. All lettering painted by Mack Signs.


Go check it out - @fitzsimons_temple_bar


What is Dublin?

It's the cobbled streets of Temple Bar with the cheers of pints.

The Ha'penny bridge with the stunning architecture of historic buildings.

Its Trinity College, Churches, the Horse & Carriage outside the Gates of Guinness.


It's Molly Malone, the Tall ships and the steady flow of Jameson Irish Whiskey.