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As we all know postal and courier companies around the globe are experiencing lengthy delays due to the global pandemic COVID-19.  These delays are due to to. 


  • Staff shortages to abide to social distancing measures

  • Transport shortages (fewer flights equal backlogs)

  • Custom requirements (I have seen parcels sitting in countries borders for up two two weeks before they move to the next step. Especially for NZ as they had a backlog when when their borders were closed) 

  • Houses in some areas are only receiving post once a week not once a day. 


This in turn means every parcels time frame is different to each other and The postal services are not giving realistic timeframes. But what I do know is from the orders I have sent these are what to expect from the time you receive the shipping confirmation email. 

Within Uk- roughly 2-5 days 

Within Europe- roughly 5-14 days. 

Rest of the World- roughly 14- 21 days.

To give you an example I posted a colouring book to my mum in Australia from Northern Ireland on the 20th April and it took 36 days to arrive. Although these are longer timeframes than usual I’d rather be clear and realistic so you don’t stress that your parcel is missing. 


As I’m sure you can understand that once a parcel has left my hands I am relying on the postal service to deliver your special artwork as fast and safe as possible. I am working really hard on my end to do as much as possible to make sure you receive your order with minimal delays. 


  • I have been posting all orders straight away or as soon as I can (for special custom ones)

  • Within the Uk I have upgraded all orders from 2nd class to 1st class free of charge.

  • Internationally I have upgraded all orders from economy post to standard post free of charge. 

  • I have introduced the option as of two days ago to add tracking. This is  not cheap hence why I never offered it before as post was never as issue but if you are looking for tracking the option is now there to upgrade to. 

  • I have purchased  a (rather expensive) professional grade printer which will be arriving soon so that I can print my own prints meaning their won’t be any delays waiting for my supplier. 


I am also looking into ways I can post orders from Australia to Aus/ NZ . There are a lot of logistics to this so I am trying my best to work this all out and my lovely mum has put her hand up to fulfilling these once I have a plan in place.


I want to say I big thank you to everyone who despite these delays are still supporting small businesses and creatives like myself. As postal delays are affecting as all. Your patience has been vital to keeping our businesses alive during these tough and unprecedented times. 


I am looking forward to you all receiving your special artworks across the globe. I hope that wherever you are in the world you and your family are well, safe and happy. 💕


If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to email me at (just note I may take up to 48hrs to respond due to my workload) 


Danni x